Bournemouth named third most dangerous place in England for cyclists


Bournemouth has been most dangerous place for cyclists three times in six years

Bournemouth has the third highest casualty rates for cyclists in England, according to a Government report.

The latest figures released by the council show that in 2011, 148 cyclists were injured in the Bournemouth area, ten of whom were children. Of this total 21 adults and two children were seriously injured and one adult died.

The report came only three months after the Government announced they are funding a 62 million pound scheme to ‘Get Britain Cycling’.

Local cyclist Luke Williams blogged about the issue this week in an entry titled ‘I don’t want to die’. The post highlighted Bournemouth being named the worst in the country three times in the last six years. He believes the issues facing cyclists are clear:

“Cemetery Junction is horrific for cyclists and especially for students. A lot of places unfortunately where there are fatalities match where there are junctions because you get towards them and the bike lane just stops.”

Lists drawn up by Bournemouth’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund bid show the town is third most dangerous for cyclists outside of the capital just behind Portsmouth.

Sam Hollande, a cyclist who moved from London to Bournemouth two years ago said there is less awareness or regard for cyclists on the road than there were in the Capital.

Sam, 23, added: “No one wants to indicate where they want to go, which is a big thing. People aren’t as considerate as they would be for cars.”

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